there is no such thing as static

“I am a rare species, not a stereotype.”   ― Ivan E. Coyote

You electrify the pulse in every fingertip just to push away the static of noise telling you how to be.

You squint your pixelated pupils in order to pronounce whatever words fit you in this moment, even if you have never spoke them before. Even if you can barely understand them. What matters is it is you right now.

You put on your glittered denim, hip-hugging pants even though they are several breaths too tight and you wore them when you called yourself something else, but you can still be queer or male or gender variant no matter the size of your zipper.

You decide to channel william s. borroughs’s cut-up method with the language of your parts: for the rest of the day your genitals are housed in your brain and the space between your thighs are your fingers, writing down all your thoughts.

You give yourself permission to linger in front of store windows and blow kisses at the reflection of your blur.

You have no idea what stereotypes are these days. You are a cornucopia of moments.


Celebrate an evening of queer art organics plus Open Mic! (sunday)

I’m excited to host the first (of many) Queer Art Organics, which is a monthly showcase of LGBTQI artists showcasing their particular creative language(s). We feature poets, writers, music makers and performance artists of all kinds. Come and soak up the sounds or sign up for the OPEN MIC!!

Come to Branded Saloon located at 603 Vanderbilt Ave/ Brooklyn. SUNDAY OCTOBER 19th from  8-10 pm

Suggestion donation of $5 (no one ever turned away for lack of funds)


Photo by Jennifer L Gonzeles

Jenna Leigh Evans was named one of LAMBDA Literary’s Emerging LGBT Voices of 2014. Recent publications include Electric Literature’s The Outlet, The Nervous Breakdown, The Toast, Autostraddle and the Billfold. Her debut novel, Prosperity, was a finalist for the Eludia Award and a semifinalist for the Black Lawrence Press’s Big Moose Prize. Published in July of this year, it is available in print and as an e-book.

Trae Durica is a genderqueer poet, writer and artist living in Brooklyn. Trae’s work can be found in NYSAI’s first Issue Flush’d,great weather for MEDIA’s latest anthology I Let Go of the Stars in My Hand, a self published chapbook Cacophony Worth Remembering, and on the undersides of overturned picnic tablesTrae Durica has mixed feelings about the Oxford comma.

Ian Spencer Bell is a dancer and poet combining the two in performance. In March he premieres a solo at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. Bell is a 2014 Lambda Literary Poetry Fellow. For more information, please visit


Tonight: A Celebration of Poems (in book form!!)

great weather for MEDIA is thrilled to celebrate the October 2014 publication of meant to wake up feeling by Aimee Herman.

Come along for a terrific night of poetry, mixed-media, and music featuring Aimee Herman and special guests Todd Anderson and Yeti.

October 15, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Parkside Lounge
317 East Houston Street
New York, NY 10002

COST: Free but please buy drinks AND A BOOK!!!!!

meant to wake up feeling front cover


Visceral, insistent, beyond transgressive, meant to wake up feeling does just that. It is a palpable writing of the body in Hélène Cixious’s demanding and powerful sense of the act. Gratitude to Aimee Herman for getting under our skin, and moving poetry-in-discourse into the feminist present and future where we study and yearn for the salvation of humanity.
—ANNE WALDMAN, author of Gossamurmur and The Iovis Trilogy




meant to wake up feeling by Aimee Herman
Published October 10 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9857317-4-8