Aimee Herman is a Pushcart Prize nominated performance poet currently living in Brooklyn, hates labels, though occasionally wears one to rip off and count the hairs pulled. She has performed at various bars, cafes, and reading series including In the Flesh erotic salon, Sideshow Queer Lit Carnival, The Red Umbrella Diaries, Hyper Gender, The Inspired Word and SMUT.

Aimee’s erotica can be read in Best Lesbian Love Stories 2010 (Alyson Books), Best Women’s Erotica 2010 (Cleis Press), Nice Girls, Naughty Sex (Seal Press), Women in Lust (Cleis), and The Harder She Comes: Butch/Femme Erotica (Cleis, Spring 2O12}.

Her poetry can be read in Uphook Press’s anthologies: you say. say., hell strung and crooked and various lit journals such as and/or journal, Pregnant Moon Review, Clean Sheets, Caketrain, Sous Le Pave, Lavender Review, InStereo Press, Audio Zine, and Cliterature Journal. She works as an erotica editor for Oysters & Chocolate, has taught various writing workshops dealing with the body and erotic language and has a severe fondness for gender deconstructors, curly haired humans, and Canadians. Aimee’s full length book of poetry, to go without blinking was published by BlazeVox Books in 2012.

Aimee is the current host of The Inspired Word’s Titillating Tongues, a fantastic erotica open mic that occurs every third Friday of the month at le poisson rouge in NYC.

Aimee can be found writing poems on her body in Brooklyn and the subway stops in between…….

In search of her voice? Check out Aimee on itunes and

Contact her for appearances, talks, hosting, or just to say hello:

an ode to the best protein……peanut butter

5 responses to “Bio

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  2. Hey Aimee,
    this is Scott from Boulder. You may or may not remember me, I was in Family Ties with your Quetzo (sp?) Chris, Noah, Allison. Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to see your face on the 27 year old yenta page. Just wanted to say congrats on your success, working hard (or not working hard, whatever your process demands), and being all cool and stuff.

  3. What could I say without remembering your hands on my microphone ?
    Why would i ever forget your soft voice burning inside me day and night ?
    When did the carnage of your eyes disappear ? Love you now as ever.

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