in fear of battery operated mouthpieces

dear woman in the red dress demonstrating impressive pockets and sexy, almost concealed, nose ring:

i might have kissed you
i might have gathered my hands and carefully bitten fingernails and placed them against your drunk lap
i might have run a marathon of blinking against your hair
i might have given you my tongue for the evening
and the hours of the morning when no one looks good

but your fingers fondled made in china,cancer inducing cell phone
with touch screen
when you could have been touching me but
useless plastic is a better networker than flesh gathered bones

i might have let you stroke my erection
i might have asked you to lick up the steam in my cunt
i might have made you forget about your husband or heterosexuality or

but you needed to update your facebook
let those at home too apathetic to masturbate know your breathing pattern

i might have slammed you against red-lit bathroom with plenty of room for bending and
bent you
i might have sucked on every knuckle and crease of you until i let you grab my
hold my
suck on my
my my my

doesn’t matter.

because you needed to text or twitter or update life in typed format to prove

and i left,
in search of someone without a cell phone
facebook account
wall of instant messages

and i search
for someone carrying sex in their pockets
instead of
obnoxious ring tone


2 responses to “in fear of battery operated mouthpieces

  1. Hello Aimee, I wanted to check in on line and see if you had anything posted lately. I loved this piece. I have not been writing much lately (life overwhelmed me for awhile). But am feeling the longing so am picking up the story from class. I finished the woman in the shower/exhibitionist part and am moving onto the voyeur behind the glass making the movie. I appreciated the class so much and hope I will have a chance to have such an open teacher again in the future. Zoie (Colorado Free University, Erotica writing class in March)

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