smuggled poem

this poem is queer with white disco blood cells, turning over floor boards purchased from mice and roaches with a lineage of two hundred million years ago

do not lock lips with this poem because your bed sore against this lip sore could lead to the need for medication in the form of cream or humiliation

this poem has been diagnosed with HPV, gonorrhea, syphilis, ADD, chlamydia, candidiasis, scabies, herpes, cataracts, genital warts, PTSD, bacterial vaginosis

this poem votes Republican, but calls itself a Democrat or does not vote at all due to overactive sleep cycle, laziness and the ability to pick a side

this poem needs to hire an accountant to keep track of its sexual partners

this poem steals prescriptions from medicine cabinets and bedside tables

this poem is into course language, orgies, erections, blow jobs, humiliation and the word NO

this poem places pills in pockets for later when it is hungry and too tired to steam up broccoli or cocaine

this poem hates white people and yuppies and those with 401K’s and retirement plans and women with quick metabolisms and personal trainers and anyone who contributes to over-population

this poem has a bomb attached to its belly, distended from starvation because it chose an eating disorder over trichotillomania because emaciation is more socially acceptable than female baldness

this poem fingers itself on a Monday in the bathroom of over-priced university and foregoes hand washing in order to wipe poem juice on door knobs and hand shakes

this poem picks its nose and initiates a storm of blood rising from cartilage toward cleft above lip

this poem packs an elastomer cock purchased for twenty-five dollars plus tax minus 10% for being the floor model

this poem has stolen chapstick, salad dressing, a karaoke machine, several glasses of beer from men expecting conversation or drunk touching, two cream cheese sesame bagels and a coffee

this poem has broken up two marriages

this poem straddles guns, organic carrots, umbrella handles, chicken sausage, harmonicas, drum sticks, thermoses, and does not wash after use

this poem ran out of lubricant and found feces to be a fine alternative

this poem needs to tell someone about the time her uncle babysitter dentist music teacher neightbor ex-boyfriend best friend those people raped her

this poem dresses in women’s clothing when no one is home

this poem refuses to pay taxes

this poem went to Thailand for sexual reassignment surgery seven years ago but still dreams of its dick still swinging loudly and often wakes with hand around phantom phallus, crying

this poem is vegetarian but savors the smell of bacon in the air and on her hamburger

this poem only knows how to fake an orgasm

this poem pretended to be homosexual in order to get out of the draft

this poem is queer


4 responses to “smuggled poem

  1. Interesting work here.

    I imagined this work in a few different ways,
    with the “this poem” replaced with “I”, and then
    imagined it with “this poem” replaced with “you”.

    You have some great lines in here.

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