this is when it could have happened

Would sex happen more if there were no letter combinations like AIDS, STD, HPV, AZT? Why can’t forgiveness occur when mothers leave daughters behind? What is the shape of embarrassment found from the dismissal of love? If you can still smell her does this mean you are too close? Why are you so afraid of this body? Can one receive an allergy from a lover like pregnancy? Is it Sunday? Can you tell by the way that I walk? If I forget your name, will you stop existing? When does death become more than romantic plagiarism? Don’t let me address you like a human? What happens when you put gender on a grid? How does place influence your work? How much of this is you? Do you stand, sipping on Brooklyn and weather veins? If I tell you, will you still find me beautiful? How can anyone begin anywhere when everywhere is difficult to emerge from? Does it make sense that she wants to be cut upon with knives purchased from the bodega in the shape of torn apart razors just to remove her father’s fingerprints? And she gathered? And she lied? How do bruises fail our bodies? Are you a man who has had sex with a man anytime from 1977 to the present? Have you had sex for money or drugs anytime from 1977 to the present? What is your distraction? If you work until you collapse, who will pick you up and soothe you back toward consciousness? How do you take away the carbon without maintaining the echoes of imprints? Why do you keep looking at the door? Do you call yourself a homo to get back at us for leaving you? Why do you wake up in the morning? What is the sound stars make the moment they are noticed? Am I queer enough? Would you notice if I amputated my life away? If I practice harder at being a boy will you fuck me like one? Why do they always thank god after winning awards instead of their bodies? Why didn’t you take off your bra when we slept together? Will you watch me walk away? If writing is a prayer, how can I call myself an atheist? What is at stake? Have you ever taken Jesus into your mouth? Would you swallow? Would you go back?


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