My Poem, Olives, featured in latest edition of Caketrain

Caketrain Issue 9

Caketrain Issue 09.
Featuring the fantastic work of:
Jon Cone, Sabrina Dalla Valle, Josh Fomon, Megan M. Garr, Daniel Grandbois, Joe Hall, Chad Hardy, Aimee Herman, Chanice Hughes-Greenberg, Kate Rutledge Jaffe, Diane Kallas, Michael Kimball, Priscilla Kinter, Darby Larson, Julia Madsen, E.C. Messer, Gregg Murray, Thirii Myint, Alec Niedenthal, Hannah Pass, Michael Paukner, Nick Francis Potter, Zach Powers, Kathryn Rantala, Thibault Raoult, Joanna Ruocco, Mary Stein, J.A. Tyler, William VanDenBerg, Jonathan Volk, Alexandra Wilder, Angela Woodward.

Purchase online at: Caketrain Journal


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