beauty in the eyes of the surgeon……

If you ask, you may receive a free surgery.

A fourteen year old girl in Georgia is bullied for the width and flutter of her ears.

Forty thousand dollars later: granted to her by a charity that provides, “free corrective surgery to children born with facial deformities,” and her ears become hidden through pinned procedure.

When I was younger, they made fun of my last name.

Should I have changed it?

Andy Flemming threw a three-piece dissected bee at me in science class. Called me a screen door, as the severed insect slid down my paved chest. I was twelve.

Should I have gotten implants to save us all from the humiliation and disappointment of small tits?

I was taunted because of my scars. Called crazy.

Maybe I should have just given them the knives and razors. Asked them to properly press me off this earth?

When I held a girlfriend’s hand on the subway and kissed her, some guy called us dykes. Yelled out: disgusting!

Should I have hidden my sexuality to make others more comfortable?

Where do we draw the line? Hair straightening, skin bleaching, liposuction, lap bands, chin implant, lip inflation, botox, botox, botox, butt implants, lifting and tightening and toning through needles and numbing………

No one allows room for aging, drooping, wrinkles and cellulite.

Beauty is just a word airbrushed by talented surgeons and make-up artists.

Imperfections are no longer permitted in this society.

We are all about smoothing out and pumping up.

Beauty is just a word, gathering up dust from the shards of inflictions from the ones who came before us.

Let’s create a new language for it……..