but it’s just a grapefruit

What are you going to say about my scars? If I rifle through my breasts will you look away from my forearms? It’s kind of sour like first-morning-of-menstrual-cycle. Grow in clusters and see how pink it arrives in the middle. This fruit has a tendency to squirt. Lead a hybrid existence like cowboys who only apologize in greeting cards. If body is forbidden then how to dissect prohibited skin. Whisper pomelo. Ask alarm why it refused to cough or nudge you awake. But I’m just a poet. But it’s just a bite of breakfast. But is it a flirt when only ribs touch. But it’s OK to admit what I did when she does it too. But it used to be an ornament and now it cultivates citrus. Your ancestor was sweet orange. My ancestor threw his fists into bellies. Born in Florida. Born in New Jersey.

Start out red fade to pink what is ruby add some terpene influence odor scoop out the bitter dim the metabolism of fiber extract seeds spit out seeds plant seeds how strong are these seeds.

You can touch them because you have them too. You can eat it because yesterday you starved. Look. Ask how knives can be gluttonous. Serrate the opposite. Lust over boots and bad weather. Don’t forget to chew. If I kiss you tonight it’s only because my hands no longer belong to me and there are no pockets in my wardrobe and your neck is a different color than mine.