evaporation of gender

{ saran wrap elastic stretch it out it away it gone / he is it she is it we are it / culture the clog of words or remedy or how to convince the others when the discourse hasn’t dried / dress neck tie shoulder stiff belly cut wrists cut hair cut / claim childhood on tax forms let go of pinkbluepinkbluepinkbluepinkblue / blood is blood is universal so gather up your shards of evidence and crack it open and let the yolk peel the paint off of minds marred by disjointed historical novels / no one no one no one ever asks the others to come out as normal what is normal / no one no one no one ever questions preference for wearing black over bluepinkbluepink / }

utilize question marks

circle other because we need to make room for what fits between the choice

be inconsistent

make space for languages to be ripped apart because we are wild we are wild we are wild beasts and let’s see what art we can create by the hybrid forms we are

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