there is room for you.

It is difficult to breathe in here. The sky drops wounds and slashes cover the sidewalks. Where to walk where to walk. So there is grief and there is love and if you can just admit that this city is too cool like high school all over again and sometimes Brooklyn may want to banish you from its lunch table and where to walk and where to walk.

There is a garden hidden inside bellies which bloat until roots can roam free and it may be difficult to find sunshine that isn’t distracted by something else so pull out your best joke and make that star show its teeth.

Your gloom can be boat-like. Float away or crack it open and use it for firewood. There is blue and red and green in this grey. Weigh away its isolation and lick the salt of its moonlight.


No one is the only so gather up the ugly. Find father’s seam ripper and unhinge unhinge unhinge.

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