There is a reason for all of this, but you may still need to break down break it down.

If you want to appreciate life, lose it for three weeks and see what was there all along. When someone asks you if you are polyamorous or monogamous, say: both and neither. Green tea can be the perfect elixir for loneliness and morning breath. Extend a dinner invitation to the one that got away. Serve a scavenger hunt of moon shadows and graffiti. The mosquitoes have yet to arrive, though your desire for them extends in your lust to be bitten. There is no definition for the bruises on your arm, but feel free to blame the earth for pushing too heavily on you. If there is such a thing as the business of sadness, what is the 401K plan or how to succeed without really trying. You are not alone; there is just no one around you. If  they knock on your window at 2:21 in the midnight, asking for a sip of poetry or bath of collected salt and sand, let them in, let them in, let them in. Fear love only if you are ready to reconfigure it again. Tape verbs to your body when you forget how to move. Collect stories like dandelion wishes and at the end of an evening, remember that we are all just passing through.