A Performance of Queerness



I am excited to join a mix of performance artist burlesque superstars on Saturday, June 8th
at Wow Cafe Theatre

The phenomenal Essence Revealed and I will be collaborating on a piece deconstructing the beauty of gender / hair / bodies / and the hybrid of all three within its deep-rooted sexiness.

HyperGender Burlesque Cabaret

Saturday, June 8, 2013
, $15, advance tickets recommended
$10 if on HyperGender mailing list! 

JZ Bich and Mercedes Matilda bring you a line-up of not queerest of them all:

Crimson Kitty, NYC – not your average Drag Queen
back from Milan – Essence Revealed in a duet with Aimee Herman
a producer of Shades of Burlesque, Sweet Lorraine
from Pennsylvania comes Bunny Bedford
from Vermont Jonathan Bitchman and Billy T Holy
HyperGender’s kitten in her departing performance Leta Le Noir
the twisted videographer Anti Social
Ivy leaguer Ivy League
and from San Francisco the red hot Dottie Lux!

Some may call us blasphemous – we say we are what NYC is about – queerness, glitter and worship of all things different!

More info at hypergender.com


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