That rain out there sounds like applause. The leaves and traffic, scattered grass and monogrammed concrete are all performing stunningly tonight. An encore suggests the city listeners are appreciative. The ones with the box seats are the poets, the fearless squirrels latching onto plaid-pattered screens, pigeons with slippery wings and breath of barbecue steam. Deep inside that puddle beneath your window, a curl floats like an emaciated tugboat. Engine of railroad lineage. Propeller curves and footnoted presence in books and dream sequences. This does not have to be a tragedy. Nor will there be a prologue or feast of sequels. Each storm is its own language. Also inside that puddle is a limb. Cannot call it arm or third of leg. It is collaged and hungry, sipping on rainwater from imaginary straw made of molecular mosh-pit. There is a table of contents decoupaging the skin. How lovely how odd how wet this all is and then clothes come off because synthetics leave too many imprints and reminders of factories. The earth desires nudity, so it drenches; it floats umbrellas away from wrists and curled fingertips. This should be a performance. This should induce romanticism. We should be triggered by its miasmic reminder of the last time.

2 responses to “storm’d

  1. Hey Kiddo, I’ve Been reading your site all morning. Have been in contact with Dan, and he suggested I give it a look. You are an inspiration; your word have come so far, have reached so much further. Seamless metaphors and meter, images openly playing with the tonality of your lines, you own the prose poem in a way few have. From my hidden desk in the suburban sub-station, I lean east, give a knee to the earth, and bow . . . embarrassed slightly that you ever believed I was your mentor!

    • Anthony, you paid it forward to me as I continue to do through poems and stages. Thank you for always believing me and carving spaces in your mind and pages for me!

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