what are we trying to break into.

I am in-between the sentence-structure of my body / flattened raw on one side and hairy and grey and elephant and embodied and wouldn’t it be easier if ———

Hair is just an arrival of death growing from life drenched with peroxides and scissors. The dreadlocks arrive during the months when poems possess more importance than comb-outs. Everything continues to grow, but it must stop because it has been many years and the length remains the same. 

Call yourself a planet because all this space derives from punctured cells and this floatation device called gender is permitting you to wander now. Or wonder now, Elliptical Orbit. With each person you are with, your body moves differently. There are rules and permits and directions and menus. Your body rarely trusts another to understand how to approach it. Until…….

Some may think they can track your shapes until you go against the rotation. So rotate. All of this may be disrupted and you can install a shelving unit or rod. And you can call your body a ferris wheel or movie sequel or skyscraping thunderbolt or serrated verb.

Who are you attempting consistency for?