how to love without forgetting where it came from


for Quetzo.

Did you look up tonight?

see that thick moon curved into the sky                                              notice

it will go away if you forget

notice the smell she leaves inside magazines

the shape she makes when pressed against red-linen’d mattress

her bone structure                              
Eastern European lineage
her thumb                                      slung into bent silver
her appetite                  she forgets to eat lunch sometimes

notice the dent against her skull

when boys pushed her down because she was too                  homo

notice her heels           frozen oceans cracked against feet

hair           detangled due to boredom and persistence
her hipbone            
freckles that gather in the summertime and worry the cancer                                  

                                                 notice her push                    press of salt and blood against western earth

notice her grow into thunders

(notice the earth take notice of what it looks like for a moon to exist               down here)





One response to “how to love without forgetting where it came from

  1. thanks brooklyn deli, a treat to find on the end of a usually-birthday-ish weekend. and that skyline, almost unfamiliar given the growth of that city without my knowing. but today, i find this, and i looked out at a sparkly ocean all day, as the tides rolled out with coffee and in with chamomile. thanks for this wordage to my westcoast heartbeats.

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