Poetry Teachers NYC Workshops in May/July

Writing begins in the body. It grows like a dislocated pattern of weather beneath skin and wraps around bones like a thunderstorm of messages.

How to translate the urgency of mind? What does a poem look like in fetus form? Without bones and still maturing into a shape that can be identified. How to wrestle it onto a page and watch it perform off the lines or restriction of notebook?

Poetry Teachers NYC is excited to announce the next round of workshops in May. This will be a triple explosion of poetics, taught by a collaborative of writers and performers. Three classes to choose from and if you call yourself indecisive, then you can sign up for all three!

Class Dates: Sunday, May 8, 11, 18th (times below).

Performance Date: Saturday, May 24th (6PM-9PM).

Class Location:
Shelter Studios
244 west 54th St.
12th Floor & Penthouse
Between Broadway & 8th Ave.


Taught by Thomas Fucaloro and Todd Anderson

Is performance poetry just about walking on stage and reading your poem in a booming voice or can it be more? Can it also inspire in a visual way not just auditory? Can we use media or images or film to add another layer to what we have written. In this workshop we will focus on getting around performance stereotypes and work on developing your words as visuals using video and computers. We will be looking at the visual text of a poem, making the audience read not listen. How does composing it this way change your process? Todd Anderson will focus on and workshop the technology aspect then Thomas Fucaloro will lead us through performance techniques. As visual as you are, there is still room to enhance performance of your work. We will also be examining classic poetry in order to enhance stage performance. We will be looking at Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas and more.

Taught by Caitlin Gill

What happens when we sit still? What happens when we move from sitting still? When does it happen? The decision from stillness to movement? The act from mind to the moment of creation? In this three week course, we’re going to explore making our art from a place of stillness/movement with these questions in mind. It’s an exploration. An experiment. We will employ all of the curiosity in our artist bodies and perhaps try something new. Something weird. Something scary. Something beautiful. Something.

We will make the studio and our time together a sacred space. Everything is welcome. We will work as an ensemble to support each other in the vulnerable space of process. Whether you’re creating something new or working on an existing project, we’re learning how to create while being with others and using their strengths to support our own process. We’re also learning how to be with our fellow artists on their journeys from a place of openness and support. Most importantly, we will play. And we’ll see what comes of these curious endeavors.

Taught by Megan DiBello, Dan Dissinger and Aimee Herman

Our unique, three-instructor approach sets PTNYC workshops apart, bringing multiple poetic perspectives to the table and serving to spark open dialogue.

In addition to receiving writing prompts and weekly assignments, students are challenged to get to know their own work through performance, both in class and on stage. Students are also encouraged to contribute to open discussion of one another’s writing and readings. The three instructors also address the needs of individual students, focussing in on writing craft, performance style, and self-editing.



PTNYC is ecstatic to announce our summer writing program!!!!


Immerse yourself for the month of July in New York’s historic poetry scene, drawing on the rich lineage of the the city’s downtown creative community.  Cultivate your craft under the guidance of professional New York poets and celebrated guest lecturers. Absorb the city’s signature entrepreneurial spirit and emerge equipped to publish, perform, and succeed in your own creative endeavors.


During the 4 weeks of the Summer program, students will learn what it takes to plan a Poetry or Multi-disciplinary event in New York. The venues we have chosen are The Sidewalk Cafe and The Cornelia Street Cafe. Both of these iconic venues are downtown staples to the performance community.  Students will be tasked with choosing student readers, creating  programs, finding a host, as well as marketing and promoting their events. Each event will need a title and a theme. Students will learn about managing logistical aspects such as time constraints, content, scripts, and pricing. They will also be able to figure in other creative aspects, such as music, visual art and dance.


There will be 3 student-run panels, each with 4 presenters, held on Wednesdays, starting on July 16th. Each student will write their own paper in defense of a theme that the panel’s moderator will choose. After each student presents his or her paper (max time 15 minutes, including any tech needs), there will be a Q & A. The panels will each run for 2 hours total, from 6PM-8PM.


Each week’s round table discussion will feature a new theme built around relevant topics such as publishing, entrepreneurship, life in New York, creative process, submissions, and New York City’s distinct history. Guest writers, publishers, and people in business will be visiting the table to offer ideas and encouragement and spark open discussion.  This is a great opportunity for students to ask questions and to network with creative influencers.  Guest Writers: Kristin Prevallet, Lisa Jarnot, Brenda Coultas, Advocate of Wordz, Joyce LeeAnn, Peter Rugh, Daniel Dissinger, Aimee Herman, and Megan DiBello along with other guests. Guest publishers will include Great Weather for Media, Three Rooms Press, Fact-Simile, and Monkey Puzzle Press.


Throughout the 4 weeks, each student will have the opportunity to meet with each of our 3 teachers individually, outside of class. We do this so that each student has a chance to showcase and discuss his or her work and receive personalized feedback and advice. We also chat with students about their personal and artistic goals and help them plan the next steps in their creative lives.


Workshops will be held on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We will provide a comprehensive source book to accompany the workshop series, containing information about local resources, open mics, and events. Reading and writing exercises will be assigned. Students will write letters to one another regarding their work. The focus of these workshops is to cultivate a students’ distinct creative voices, both written and performative. Voice, stage presence, eye contact, and diction are all performance aspects that will be covered in these classes.


Week 1:
July 5th: 9:30AM-12:30PM
July 6th: 9:30AM-2:30PM
July 9th: 9:30AM-5:30PM

Week 2:
July 12th: 9:30PM-2:30PM
July 13th: 9:30AM-2:30PM
July 16th: 9:30AM-5:30PM

Week 3:
July 19th: 9:30PM-2:30PM
July 20th: 9:30AM-2:30PM
July 23rd: 9:30AM-5:30PM

Week 4:
Performance at Governers Island Poetry Fesival:  July 26th & July 27th (ALL DAY)
July 30th: 9:30PM-5:30PM
August 2nd: Closing Reading/ Party 6PM-12AM

SIGN UP: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/poetry-teachers-nyc-presents-summer-writing-at-shetler-studios-tickets-10968471995