how many languages exist in your gender.

“Gender is the poetry each of us makes out of the language we are taught.” 
― Leslie FeinbergTrans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue

With each year I find myself alive, I collect more words to explain myself. My vocabulary grows; within each new sound, a poem forms. And like all good poems, with each draft, it gets better and better. Do not ignore the cross-outs– the scars that scare you– they are all part of what started all this understanding. Our bodies are a rough draft leading toward more drafts and more ways in which to show what we are telling. We are teachers too. Welcome in the questions of others. This creates a bridge of understanding.

2 responses to “how many languages exist in your gender.

  1. I’ve never thought of my scars as cross-outs towards a better draft.

    That may have just revolutionized the way I view my body. Thank you!

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