call out the parts of you that need to be rearranged.

dear ai weiwei,

You tell me that the loud stirring of speech (often) leads to eviction, so you remind me to buy stronger boxes. I am thinking of ways to become my own physician. A beautiful human told me that ‘I am the cocktail and the bartender.’ I wonder about previous elixirs I’ve digested in order to well myself toward something better. Mostly illegal, though some prescribed and here I am in this moment suddenly contemplating an intake of stimulants to regulate what is perforated in me. When the Sichuan police pummeled your brain just for challenging what existed around it, you hemorrhaged and scarred. Why do tongues get punished for challenging earth’s corruptions. How many prisoners did you memorize before becoming one yourself. How many question marks must I digest before I finally reach the answer of what frees me?