A Celebration of Brooklyn-based writer, Jenna Leigh Evans’s new book!!

Living in New York City, one comes across a lot of creative humans. Music makers and artists, writers and performers. We (often) learn from each other and gain insight into all the ways in which imaginations can stretch. When I first met Jenna Leigh Evans, I was blown away by the flexibility of her narrative and the bravery in her characters’ voices. We became friends immediately and often share spaces where writing is encouraged. I have been counting down the days until the arrival of her first novel. It’s been lingering in the air for so long, I am excited to finally celebrate its arrival.

Prosperity can be purchased through Amazon and Dog Ear Publishing. Once I finally get my hands on it, I’ll have more to say beyond the fact that I know it will be a collection of pages I am quite sure will be difficult to put down.

Here is a description to entice you further:   America has finally figured out how to make deadbeats pay up: the PROSPER program, a very modern, very luxurious debtor’s prison housed in a shopping mall. When curmudgeonly hobo Percy Rue first gets there, she’s as lonely as she is broke – and the only person who’ll talk to her is Lita Takewell, a drug-dealing New Age priestess she’d rather avoid. But when Percy uncovers sinister machinations behind the program’s helpful façade, Lita is the only one she can trust – and maybe the key to her survival. Prosperity is speculative fiction; social satire; a pitch-black comedy set in the very near future. It is a novel for anyone who has ever found something absurd – or maddening! – about corporate culture, cubicle jobs, debt collectors, webinars, infotainment, political activism, advertising, government assistance programs, billionaire philanthropists, shopping malls, Town Hall meetings, New Age spirituality, Big Pharma, bureaucracy, awkward friendships, celebrities, minimum wage, anarchists, video games, the criminal justice system, outsourcing, food courts, education, on-the-job training, privitazation, psychotherapy, or standing on line at the DMV.