This journey took seven-hundred ninety-eight detours.

This journey took forty-nine heimlich maneuvers from fifty-six choking sprees.

This journey took three hundred and two hairstyles and costume changes per year per mood swing.

This journey took ninety-seven miles of gauze to wrap around the fits of pain.

This journey took an entire prescription pad full of side-effects.

This journey took thirty-stitches and enough scabs to cover the potholes.

This journey took forty-seven gallons of spit, eight pregnancy scares, nine break-ins, an allergic reaction and three wrong numbers.

This journey took ninety-one rewrites.

This journey took six hundred and three anxiety attacks plus four relapses.

This journey took fourteen tablespoons of terror.

This journey took me the wrong way on a highway meant for trucks and I am not a truck.

This journey took thirteen restraining orders and fifteen and a half unwelcome mats.

This journey took one small claims court appearance and a collision of shyness.

This journey took eighty-two trees to chop for all these letters and a hoard of stamps and dedicated postal workers.

This journey took until this moment to finally reach here…reach you…reach home.

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