Pushcart Prize nominations

Thank you to the great  great weather for MEDIA for nominating my poem, quadratic equation, for a 2016 Pushcart Prize

I was never very good at math; in fact, it almost kept me from graduating from high school. Numbers never remain in me and it has been a language I have been hesitant to learn. Sometimes things are easier to learn when pressed into poems.

great weather for MEDIA Pushcart Nominations:

I join a list of incredible poets also published in the anthology, I Let Go of the Stars in my Hand:

Linda CampleseMy Father’s Gun  I Let Go front cover (border)
Aimee Hermanquadratic equation
Ron KolmBird and Me
Puma PerlStories from the Big Black Shoes
John W. SnyderTo the Girl Who Called Me a Faggot
John Sibley WilliamsIn the Pitch Bright Darkness


Want a taster? Here are the first few lines…

He was a cash and carry kind of man
cash business, cashed in, cashed out
carried a big, fat, American-style handgun
and he was right when he thought
it made him look tough.meant-to-wake-up-feeling-front-cover-web

– Linda Camplese 


I used my fingers longer than it was socially acceptable. I cannot recall if it’s because I clouded my brain with the smoke of drugs, but numbers and names have a difficult time remaining in me.

– Aimee Herman


I read somewhere
That Charlie Parker
Ate a rose.

– Ron Kolm

*Retrograde front cover border

William Burroughs’ untied shoelace
cracks my morning dream.

Sad as Coca Cola and a can of Pringles.

– Puma Perl


To the girl who called me a faggot
that day at Six Flags
when I decided to wear

my super-fabulous.
women’s pants
with yellow and pink animal print on them.

– John W. Snyder


What a strange music sounds
from the dead birds frozen to the wire!

– John Sibley Williams