day 3: exposure

The more you’re exposed to different narratives, and the more you see there’s not one way to be anything, the more you question and interrogate your own way of being in the world.”  ……Thomas Page McBee

No one asked. There are no messages inquiring. But I still feel the need to answer.

because my button-down collared shirts look so much better resting against my parts.
because I know they are mine but so are my fingernails and I bite them off every single day.
because as I get older, I am less inclined to pick a side.
because I never knew I had the option before.
because though it is uncomfortable, I feel more comfortable. 
because I thought I’d give it a try and it’s been over a year and I am more and more sure that it is right.
because we don’t have to comply with what exists on us just because we were “born” with these parts.
because sometimes they are so painful to look at.
because I feel closer to the “me” I have dreams about.
because I am interrogating my parts and finally taking notice of the hidden narratives on my body.