day 21: someone else’s words

“The plural body…Which body? We have several. I have a digestive body, I have a nauseated body, a third body which is migrainous, and so on: sensual, muscular (writer’s cramp), humoral, and especially: emotive: which is moved, stirred, depressed, or exalted or intimidated, without anything of the sort being apparent. Further, I am captivated to the point of fascination by the socialized body, the mythological body, the artificial body, and the prostituted body. And beyond these public (public, literary) written bodies, I have, I may say, two local bodies: a Parisian (alert, tired) and a country body (rested, heavy).     — Roland Barthes (“Barthes by Barthes”)


And I have two bodies (of local and faraway descent): Brooklyn (tagged, stooped, with exposed brick) and water-logged body (dripping, see-through but deeper than feet or eyes can measure) — AH.