how to be a rebel

Scuff knees with the scent of tongue drapery and teeth ovation

Bury a bellow in the third mountain you climb and remove two twigs, a rock and the tip of your finger for emphasis

Place first name on griddle and burn the sounds away. You are now ________.

Pierce your wrists to one another as a statement of all the times you forgot to arrest yourself for _______ and definitely ________. Call your body a prison and your sentence:  life without parol.

Fondle a sentence in a book you’ve never heard of & then misquote it, knowing you are intentionally William S. Burroughs’ing it into a new configuration

Remain because all those others told you not to with their laws and restrictions, bans on marriage and placards and rallies against your body

Remain because of that time J. B. threw a three-piece dissected bee at you in seventh grade because you were inadequate and unformed

Remain because your body can be reintroduced to itself…..just watch



Don’t I know you from—-