an excerpt from my book “meant to wake up feeling”

Books are meant to be read! So, read this short excerpt from my book, “meant to wake up feeling and then, buy the book to read the rest!       (feel free to leave a review!!!)


from “zoned body”:


those are not freckles

but dust

from convulsing stars

3 responses to “an excerpt from my book “meant to wake up feeling”

  1. I first read Aimee Herman’s latest book, “Meant to Wake up Feeling” in the middle of the night last October. I had just returned from its introductory book party.

    Aimee’s writings have always been fresh reminders to me of the power of words in the hands of a gifted and caring artist. She does with words what the great painters were able to do with otherwise simple tubes of color and a few brushes. They added life and lasting beauty… they made us dream and even allowed us to imagine. This is what Aimee Herman does with her writings – she opens our eyes and our minds and feeds our hungry souls.

    In the hands of the rest of us, paint is just paint and words are just words… in Aimee’s thoughtful and loving work, words take on special gloss and meanings.

    In her piece, “but what about the closet”, she allows us to eavesdrop as she explores her very soul… “…call body a stoop sale” indeed!

    Some of the pieces, like “geographical discourse” share her darker moments while more playful poems such as “clusters of edible: in particular, your palm” paint a lighter moment.

    She is at her best when she puts a thought through various layers of consciousness such as in “Condemn the inability to get inside this cold”.

    Right on, Aimee Herman, write on!

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