Dreams are best when achieved with the HELP of others.

Dear Writers. Dear Artists. Dear Music Makers. Dear Scientists. Dear Teachers. Dear Humans who recognize that it is not always easy to exist in this world.

So, years ago I met a magical beam of light called Peggy Dyer. She is a photographer, teacher, yogi, friend, inspirational rainbow.

I can spend chapters telling you all about her magic, but this is not about that. This is about helping her get her home back. 

She is asking for a little help. We all need it eventually, so we might as well do what we can to connect each other. Here are her words:

7 years ago I was homeless, living out of my 1983 Toyota Dolphin.  Life has been an extraordinary adventure these past several years finding my way back to my feet.

5 years ago this lovely little cottage became home through the generosity of some friends.  I’ve managed to bring it all back together, my business is back on track and I’ve had the great fortune over these past few years to continue to make my living as a photographer, teacher and continuing my healing community project, One Million Faces. 

Just when things were leveling out, a completely unexpected encounter left me on the verge of homelessness again.  The encounter was one of love, and of course a love that was founded upon faith and trust, and it was undeserved and I fell and fell hard and as a result I nearly lost my stability again.

Now I have an opportunity to purchase my tiny home, and there’s a deadline and I need a little help from all my friends to get the down payment together by May 1st.

Through my art that I love and give my entire being to, I invite people to share their messages with the world, to speak their truth.  I love watching people light up and I shine most when I’m creating art and community at the same time. 

But now I speak my truth and am asking my community to help me purchase my permanent home, to make this dream come true for me.

Thank you



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