List of Things to Do in New York City

  1. Tango with Basquiat’s ghost
  2. Eat pizza with a pigeon below West 4th Street, where the rats grow old, and swap stories of all the times we’ve fallen in love
  3. Grow a garden of nasturtiums on a rooftop belonging to someone I’ve never met before
  4. Learn Spanish
  5. Learn French
  6. Dig a hole somewhere in Prospect Park and plant love poems
  7. Crash a movie set
  8. Go to the library and read as many books as I can in one day
  9. Fall asleep beneath a cloud shaped as Manhattan
  10. Greenwood Cemetery. Find Basquiat. Dance with him one more time

Thank you, Canada, for reminding us we aren’t so bad

I fell in love with Canada over eight years ago when I met someone who reminded me how to see the world in all its brightest colours.

I have always lived in The United States; I have not always felt pride by this admission. It’s not an easy time to be an America….though one could probably add that it isn’t so easy to be a human wherever you live.

Thank you, Canada, for taking the time to tell us (America) how great we are.

Love your biggest fan,


Are you a Writer???

To all the writers in search of some readers, I encourage you to submit your work to…

great weather for MEDIA!!!

Submissions for our 2017 anthology are open October 15 2016 to January 15 2017.

great weather for MEDIA seeks poetry, flash fiction, short stories, dramatic monologues, and creative nonfiction for our annual print anthology.

Our focus is on the fearless, the unpredictable, and experimental but we do not have a set theme for our anthologies.

**We highly recommend reading one of our stunning previous collections to see the type of work we love. Let us know in your cover letter how you found us, and any feedback on what we have done so far. We are based in New York City and welcome submissions from national and international writers. For submission tips, check out our interviews on Duotrope and The Nervous Breakdown

We are thrilled to announce our 2017 guest prose editor is Lynette Reini-Grandell. Read our interview with Lynette.

We accept work through Submittable only. Work sent via email or snail-mail will not be read. You may set up a Submittable account for free and we do not charge a reading fee. Your account will be created during the first step of the submission process.

Finally, please read the guidelines! We do tweak them each reading period in order to improve our submission and selection process.

one hundred heart burns

The mothers count fingers of new babies to catalogue what is missing, but in New Jersey, everyone forgets about what hides.

Later on, they prescribe away the wild to cure what existed in utero.

It is easier to eat out of boxes to bloat away a language.

“Allergies, nine stitches, burnt heart from misread temperatures, airplane, haircut, broken teeth, pierced tongue, that time that time: drugs, a silent no, split ends, abandoned diets, balance beam of stretch marks, not enough time.”

I am not sure where I began, but I know I am still beginning.

Celebrate Teachers who Write on Saturday, October 8th

Writers who Teach. Teachers who Write.

The Word Cabaret presents LEARNING CURVE. A celebration of NYC Educators reading poetry, prose and perhaps a little music mixed in!

SATURDAY, October 8th, 2016 at BWAC (second floor performance stage) located at 499 Van Brunt St. in Redhook, Brooklyn  at 4pm

FEATURING: Aimee Herman, Brett Burns, Nicole Smith, Danny Shot, O’Hagen Blades, Raquel Goodison, Avram Kline, and Tim Tomlinson

Thank you BOMB for publishing my poems!

A writer writes.

Some writers keep their words inside notebooks to simmer and steam. Other writers pass their words out like meals to be eaten. Whatever kind of writer you choose to be, the words still remain.

Here are four poems recently published online by BOMB Magazine. I am so grateful to the editors, specifically the marvelous Raluca Albu. They publish quality work, and I am humbled by having some of my poems part of their publication.

Check out my new poems HERE!!!

Photo by Gwen Dolin, 2010