Check out this new anthology I have work featured in

Thank you to Candace Habte for encouraging words to come out on the topic of women and bodies.

Check out the anthology:  Theories of HER: An Experimental Anthology 

Because much like this book itself, women have layers.

Over 50 contributors from all across the world, and all walks of life, have come together as they share what it is to be her, know her, and to champion her. Like many other anthologies, Theories of HER is a collection of poetry, essays, literature and art, with contributors ranging from award-winning veterans to emerging writers and artists. But much like today’s woman, this collection is refreshingly unconventional. Each piece stands alone, while also merging together in a poetic tapestry that takes the reader through a lifetime.

More than that, Theories of HER attempts to give voice to the unheard and misunderstood. The writers and artists in this collection refuse to apologize for being women, for being male allies, for being gender non-conforming, for being the L, the B, the G, or the T, for being mothers, daughters, girlfriends, wives, lovers, single, childless, for aging in a youth-obsessed culture, for being politically incorrect, for speaking up, for preferring words to sound, or shouts to whispers…for simply standing in their truth.


Adam Balivet, Aftab Yusuf Shaikh, Aimee Herman, Alison Stone, Ana “Temple” Abram, Andrea Tolbert, Ann Cefola, Brenna Harvey, Candace Habte, Chanel Heart, Christine Brandel, Cici Felton, Cinthia Ritchie, D. Vaisius, Daryl Sznyter, Deidre Dykes, Edward Palumbo, Edward Stettner, Eileen Velthuis, Elizabeth Yalkut, Erika Dreifus, Eve Gaal, FF Merchant, Grace Fondow, HanaLyn Colvin, Hannah Sawyerr, Helmi Ben Meriem, Janis Butler Holm, Jeanine DeHoney, JM, Kathleen M. Quinlan, Katrine Raymond, Kay Retzlaff, Kiara Marie, Kristie Letter, Kyle Liang, Maria Morrison, Maroula Blades, Mary Laufer, Maureen Flannery, Miguel Eichelberger, Nicole Fresh, Nina Martucci, Paul Hostovsky, Rachel Lallouz, Rebecca O’Bern, Rebekah Seagle, Samina Hadi-Tabassum, Sara Walsh, Sarah Y. Varnam, Siaara Freeman, Stephen Cavitt, Susan Holck, TCF, Tom Whalen, Tori Cárdenas, and Z.M. Wise