Today, a poetry performance in Brooklyn!!

I am excited to read some new poems and even a new Nirvana-inspired poemsong at Della Reading Series hosted by Caitlin McDonnell.

Della is located at 1238 Prospect Avenue in Brooklyn and the event is from 3-6pm.

Other wonderful features include Sarah Sala and Irene Villasenor.


Tonight! Hydrogen Junkbox and Friends in Brooklyn!!!!!

Hydrogen Junkbox, your friendly neighborhood purveyors of poemusic, present an evening featuring New York’s most badass poets, music, art and circus burlesque!

Come to Branded Saloon located at 603 Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn. Show is from 7-9pm. It is FREE, but please support this great venue and purchase drinks and/or delicious food.



Art projections from RACHEL LYNGHOLM




Human Sound Effects Machine ZERO BOY



HYDROGEN JUNKBOX (Aimee Herman, David Lawton and Zita Zenda) is a performance collective looking to inspire and innovate by stirring music and poetry together into “poemusic”. Beat the cookie drum!


You hid your empty bottles behind your teeth because you knew I’d never check there. Your fingers tasted of bitters and bitter and it is so difficult to kiss a drunk because their mouths are always occupied. But last night, I knew time had touched the nooks of our skin because your eyes were river phoenix blue and and mine were the ones stumbling, drunk.

Tonight!! Hydrogen Junkbox and Friends presents music and poetry!

Hydrogen Junkbox presents an evening full of music inspired by poetry and spoken word. Featuring the NYC band o’ poets Hydrogen Junkbox ( David Lawton, Aimee Herman, and Zita Zenda), plus special guests Davey Patterson (music maker) and TIDAL CHANNEL (theatrical spoken word paired with music)

Come to Dixon Place located at 161 Chrystie St in NYC. Doors open at 7pm/ show begins promptly at 7:30pm. This is a free show, but please support this fantastic venue and purchase a drink or some chips!

Hydrogen Junkbox is a collective of poets and music makers in New York City. They have performed at the Brooklyn Wildlife Summer Festival, LaMama Experimental Theatre, Parkside Lounge, Stonewall Inn, and Dixon Place. Hydrogen Junkbox is David Lawton, Aimee Herman, Zita Zenda, and Starchilde.

Tidal Channel is the noise-poetry alliance of billy cancel (all words + vocals) and Genevieve Fernworthy (all music + instruments). Described by the New York Times as “sonic abrasiveness”, their work incorporates industrial synthpop, psychogeographical field recordings, and time-based performance. Two of their contributions appear on the “BC35: The 35 Year Anniversary of BC Studio” (2018, Bronson Recordings). More info at

Davey Patterson is a Canadian-born, New York City-based musician and songwriter. His credits are vast and varied, but these days, he lends his talents to TV’s “Late Show With Stephen Colbert”, “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, and musicians like Jon Batiste and Stay Human.

Everything Grows

When I was younger, and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered with:


hair stylist

pastry chef




There was a time I didn’t know how many words I had in me. (I still don’t)

There was a time I thought, tomorrow may never get to know me.

There was a time I thought, is this the last poem I will write?

For ten years, I worked on a story that turned into something longer and will soon be all folded and ISBN’d and (hopefully) on bookshelves. I’ve been reading novels for much of my life; I never thought I’d be able to say I wrote one!

Everything Grows is an epistolary story told all in letters written from the point of view of a teenager called Eleanor writing to her bully who has just committed suicide. But it’s not all darkness. In fact, there is quite a lot of light in this book. This is her coming out story (in more ways than one). Taking place in 1993 in New Jersey, Eleanor find friendship and love in interesting places, and starts to locate more places on the map of who she yearns to be.

I am so proud of these words and thankful to Three Rooms Press for publishing Everything Grows in April 2019. So……make some room on your bookshelf!!!