Writing Remix Podcast

A lot of hunkering these past few weeks. Baked some homemade pita bread. Walked with my mate and pup to Prospect Park. Felt the previously napping sun against my face. Last week, I was invited to chat with Dan Dissinger and Katie Robison, creators of the Writing Remix podcast through USC Writing Program. We spoke about teaching through this challenging time, managing anxiety (if you have some suggestions, please send some my way!) and trying to find comfort through isolation.

Check out our chat below:

mountains before mountains were mothers

The first time I was ever published was about twenty years ago and it was by a small press called Butcher Shop Press which published a chapbook of my poems. Butcher Shop Press encouraged me to keep writing and I will forever be thankful to all the wonderful small presses which followed who have supported my work. These presses and the editors who work tirelessly to keep them up are such an important part of the writing and reading community. They aren’t looking to be millionaires or thousandaires or even hundredaires. They publish the work of others to encourage writers and allow their words to spread. My books have all been published by independent presses and in this extremely difficult time, I only hope we as readers and writers can continue to support them. Thank you to BlazeVOX booksgreat weather for MEDIA, and Three Rooms Press who have supported my words enough to publish me!

Speaking of excellent presses, hard-working editors and great journals…..Thank you so much to the Cream City Review journal for publishing my poem (and asking me to read it as well!). mountains before mountains were mothers was Runner-Up of the 2019 Poetry Prize selected by Aimee Nezhukumatathil!