Thank you to First Literary Review-East´┐╝

Dear Cindy from First Literary Review-East,

So often we write, never knowing if our poems will inflate.

So often, we gather up language like secrets, like love letters we never send, like recipes, like receipts, like wishes

but even if our poems never make it to computer screens or inside books or spray painted on walls for others to capture, they still exist

they always exist,

waiting to be


Thank you to Cindy Hochman, beautiful poet and editor who encouraged me to submit some poems to First Literary Review-East.

Check out my poem, walking toward cemetery mountain.

walking toward cemetery mountain

while sleeping,
maybe a bone or two

the next morning,
I fell
enough blood to fill a carved-out dictionary

all        that        red
my hands, grated shivers

what if this elevation has softened me somehow
or interrupted
my understanding of movement

I found two joints beneath my pillow which I swallowed, hoping to reconnect the parts of me stolen in the night

Punketry: Music and Poetry

A few weeks ago, a new friend (and incredible poet) Hayden Dansky asked me if I might fill in for them at a show they were going to do in Denver. Live punk music and poetry. I was nervous, but deeply excited to collaborate with local musicians and feel that aliveness that takes over my entire being when I perform.

It went so well, I get to do it again!

This Saturday, July 16th at 7pm, at the Trident in Boulder, CO, a great line-up of poets at an event called Punketry.

Punketry is the profane math of punk+poetry regularly occurring every second Wednesday at the Mutiny Information Cafe and now making not its first but its formal debut in the sandbox theater of downtown Boulder’s historic Trident Booksellers & Cafe!

Improvised psychrock by Black Market Translation in collaboration with feature readers:

Jade Lascelles
Aimee Herman
Kenny White
Eric Fischman
Trey Casen (Kolyah Shoni)

Hosted by Sarah Rodriguez of South Broadway Press.
Live painting by Kaitlyn Sterlace of Exist Vibrantly Art
$5 suggested donation goes to the artists, nobody turned away