Aimee Herman is a Pushcart Prize nominated poet and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY looking to disembowel the architecture of gender and what it means to queer the body. Find Aimee’s poems in The Outrider Review, nin journal, Wild Gender, Nerve Lantern, Lavender Review, EDUCE, Sous Les Paves, the Lambda Literary Award winning anthology: Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books), in the full-length collection, to go without blinking (BlazeVOX books), the recent chapbook, rooted, (Dancing Girl Press), and in the full-length book of poems, meant to wake up feeling (great weather for MEDIA). Aimee is an adjunct professor at Bronx Community College, a faculty member with Poetry Teachers NYC and a writing mentor/workshop facilitator for the Red Umbrella Project through their memoir writing drop-in classes specifically for those in the sex trades. In addition, Aimee has been featured at Dixon Place’s Hot! Festival, The Fresh Fruit Festival, HOWL fest, and the Dumbo Arts Festival.

Aimee is the current host of The Inspired Word’s Titillating Tongues, a fantastic erotica open mic that occurs every third Friday of the month at le poisson rouge in NYC.

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Contact Aimee for appearances, talks, hosting, or just to say hello:

an ode to the best protein……peanut butter

7 responses to “Bio

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  2. Hey Aimee,
    this is Scott from Boulder. You may or may not remember me, I was in Family Ties with your Quetzo (sp?) Chris, Noah, Allison. Anyway, I was very pleasantly surprised to see your face on the 27 year old yenta page. Just wanted to say congrats on your success, working hard (or not working hard, whatever your process demands), and being all cool and stuff.

  3. What could I say without remembering your hands on my microphone ?
    Why would i ever forget your soft voice burning inside me day and night ?
    When did the carnage of your eyes disappear ? Love you now as ever.

  4. Stalking a Poet
    (For Aimee Herman)

    Stealthily I get inside her skull-
    a tedious process, she leaves no maps
    legends disintegrate upon touch
    I track her scent-
    In the raw free verses she sheds-
    scrapping samples
    bagging tagging – her verbs and iambs;
    cells arranged assonance-wise-
    I test, taste, navigate-
    her dark alleys, dead-ends.

    Through unclimbable fences, I peer,
    piecing together jigsawed sights
    thirsting for one glimpse of the whole
    (not the tail, not the trunk
    the whole darn elephant!)

    Scars on her shoulder blades, flight dissolved-
    breathes swollen with fireflies
    she breaks open her body-
    bi-polar ends of her axis
    cloning herself over and over-
    a composition of mountains
    a haemorrhaging story.

    I wept over her autopsied corpses,
    labyrinths losing into each other.
    studied her dissociations,
    heavier than secrets and dying stars;
    bedless lakes,
    I swum in her until my eyes wrinkled
    the language of her shut doors and open wounds,
    the enjambment of her silence
    each a thorn, a tear – untrammelled.

    – Jeena <3

    • I read your words aloud, Poet. Here the length of your exhales knit into syllables. Woven, too. And knotted like campfires clinging to evening stars. Your language moves me all the way here….

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