This is What a Feminist Looks Like

Let me start by saying that I always wanted to play the drums. But memory tells me that my mom/dad/both said: too loud, choose again. So I/they/none chose the clarinet. Upon reflection, it is a gorgeous instrument, which deserves far more respect than I gave it. But I wanted to play the drums and bash my palms against the rhythm. Gave up clarinet and found myself playing the only instrument I found myself actually good at………the radio.

Made a bunch of mixed tapes, figured out I could record I Love Lucy, A Different World, The Jeffersons and One Day at a Time on my tiny, black-and-white television onto a tape.

Cut to two decades later and I am playing an instrument again. Hello, ukelele.

Oh, one more thing. I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Like Green Day. Like Thompson Twins. Like ’til tuesday.

Then, David Lawton. And he said, hey, wanna? and here we are. And so is Zita Zenda. And of course, Starchilde.

We call ourselves……HYDROGEN JUNKBOX

Thank you to Kat Georges, of the marvelous three rooms press for taking this video.


BIG WORDS reading Tonight!!!

I’m excited to read a new story exploring this month’s theme: shadenfreude at BIG WORDS, Etc reading series.

Learn about the interestingly globular Nyman Riffling and what happens on his first date with the glamourous Renita Goils!

This month is full of other excellent readers, which you will just have to see for yourself!

WHERE? 61 Local, located at 61 Bergen Street in Brooklyn

WHEN? 6pm on Tuesday, March 22nd