“A sweet and moving read about a young person growing up, coming out, and trying to find the right words to speak their truth. The awesome soundtrack is a bonus.” –Easy Vegan

“Brims with hope.” Meagan Brothers, author, Weird Girl and What’s His Name

Fifteen-year-old Eleanor Fromme just chopped off all of her hair. How else should she cope after hearing that her bully, James, has taken his own life? When Eleanor’s English teacher suggests students write letters they’ll never send, Eleanor writers to James. With each letter she writes, Eleanor discovers more about herself, even while trying to make sense of his death. And, with the help of a unique cast of characters, Eleanor not only learns what it means to be inside a body that does not quite match what she feels on the inside, but also comes to terms with her own mother’s mental illness.

Told through a series of letters and set against a 1993-era backdrop of grunge rock and riot grrl bands, EVERYTHING GROWS, by Aimee Herman, depicts Eleanor’s extraordinary journey to solve the mystery within her and feel complete. Along the way, she loses and gains friends, rebuilds relationships with her family, and develops a system of support to help figure out the language of her queer identity. Through author Aimee Herman’s exceptional storytelling, EVERYTHING GROWS reveals the value of finding community or creating it when it falls apart, while exploring the importance of forgiveness, acceptance, and learning how to survive on your own terms.

EVERYTHING GROWS: A Novel, by Aimee Herman; Trade Paper; 240 pages; ISBN: 978-1-94110-68-3; $15.00; May 7, 2019


“Visceral, insistent, beyond transgressive…Gratitude to Aimee Herman for getting under our skin, and moving poetry-in-discourse into the feminist present and future where we study and yearn for the salvation of humanity.  –Anne Waldman

The grace, honesty, and bravery with which [Herman] addresses issues that many won’t touch with a ten-foot pole will shake you to the core. – Lily Rex, Blotterature

Publication date October 10th 2014


ISBN: 978-0-9857317-4-8

Purchase through IndieBoundamazonBarnes & Noble, or order online or in person at your favorite bookstore (e.g. Powell’sMcNally JacksonTattered CoverWordBookshop West Portal, or Greenlight Bookstore.) For international orders, all great weather for MEDIA books are quickly and easily ordered through any local online or bricks-and-mortar store.

Also available through the wondrous Espresso Book Machine. Like an ATM for books, it will print you a copy in minutes. Find it at McNally Jackson (NYC), NYU Bookstore (NYC), Tattered Cover (Denver), and many other stores.

to go without blinking [BlazeVOX books]Aimee Herman is a cyborg. Not in the sense of a mixture but: in her impetus. Her desire for a book to be a new kind of thinking and being in the world. As she writes in the startling Statement of Poetics that opens this passionate collection: “This body of text practices trilingualism and contraction. Theories include gender confiscation and syntax dissection.” I liked that. A syntax that records what happens to a body even more than the words themselves. And that’s just page one. Throw away “the color pink,” writes Herman, deeper in. And: “Gender is best received in a question mark.” In not with. I loved that. This is re-wiring where it counts: below the lexicon. Below the public-private register:” where the label was rubbed.” Until there’s nothing left but, as the writer says: “The most dangerous parts of me.” What those “dangerous parts” become, reconfigured, mutilated and grown again, is the text of this “sore” and “feminine” book. A book in which “words” and beloveds, of various kinds: “never stop coming.” What kind of cyborg is this?
—Bhanu Kapil, The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Naropa University.

Purchase on Amazon, BlazeVOX (books), or contact Aimee Herman directly at:

ANTHOLOGIES are available through and as listed below.
you say. say. (Uphook Press)Rhythm, risk, reach…A sensitivity to words that sparkle on the page and in performance spark off it…Twenty-nine poets write the gamut from Starbucks to whale walkers, chalk outlines to honeymooning, cranky operettas to the ping of a microwave signaling the end.

Available through Amazon and Uphook Press


hell strung and crooked, uphook press


Self Diagnosed Lactose Intolerance (Book plus CD) [2008]

Available for purchase through Aimee here




Performance Anxiety (Spoken Word CD) [2005]

Available for purchase here or through Aimee here

Performance Anxiety cover



Tastes Like Cheesecake [2004]

Available to purchase directly through Aimee:


If These Thighs Could Talk [2004]

Available to purchase directly through Aimee:



Best Lesbian Love Stories 2010 (Alyson Books) AVAILABLE 6/30/09


Oysters & Chocolate: Erotic Stories Of Every Flavor

Available for purchase here

OC Anthology

Recipes For The Apocalypse

Available to purchase here


Monkey Puzzle

Available for purchase here



Focus On The Fabulous: Colorado GLBT Voices

Available to purchase here

Focus On The Fabulous: GLBT Voices Anthology




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