5 responses to “Photos/Video

  1. MASTERPIECE (for Aimee Herman)

    You are artwork…a poem in the making.
    You are the canvas and the Painter.
    The spoken word and the orator
    Through your eyes…
    perception …
    by your ear reception….
    we are filled by your inflections.
    The tones of stones and butterflies…
    memories of yesterday’s….
    Nature’s blue sky.
    The care for your fellow man
    The understanding of self…
    You are art .
    A Mothers heart
    A Fathers Care
    A broken promise
    A written lyric
    Poetry tattooed on flesh
    An eternal voice …
    so we hush and the universe listens..
    for a masterpiece is being created…
    and written on your skin..

    by :Santos Taíno

  2. You make me think more about what is “true” than anyone else I know.

    Thnk you.

    You bring words to life and life to words.

    Thank you.

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