within each human, find salt, stone and strength

It can be difficult to bend.

At a certain age, knees knock themselves out like aggressive boxers. And as soft as this earth is from its deepest breaths, what we rest on can be like crushed up graves, digging into available bones.

You will love more than once. There may even be some months or years where you love many. Some will live beside each other and then there are the ones who live on islands too far to contact through wires and wails.

When you find a pattern in your sadness, look to your left and the one who has remained may be referred to as planetary partner or moon dweller.

Never apologize for all that salt traveling from webbed sight. Humans are meant to float into the fissures of body’s drips.

Ignore doors and windows. Remain…even when exit signs tempt you with their neon wander.

It can be difficult to contort into the kind of person who survives especially when the night is far too angry to permit you sleep. But bend. And breathe. And stay. All of this aids the elastic in you.