finding time

It was there all along. And everything waited and everything remained. Sometimes you have to retreat with another to remember to remember that existence exists beyond love affairs and sweat. These hours are fleeting; so how do you want to suck on them to arrive at the strongest taste.

Sometimes you have to give it up. There are only so many memories minutes in a day. Ration the tears, the swallows, the gallops of gluttony. Some don’t come back. Most will never return. When you feel something drip on your head, it may either be a pigeon’s exit wounds or a reminder to look up.

The only thing you really need to do today is breathe.

tell me how to live (part 1)

for jkl

First, wake

because sometimes alarm clocks grow thirsty off drained batteries & lose their voice

because the sun can be manic depressive or obsessive compulsive & feel the need to wipe the clouds away first & that can take all day

because it isn’t as easy as just excreting breath/ sometimes the breath needs to be bullied out

because sometimes others tell you to remain in bed or that you aren’t needed but they just haven’t seen the power of your body plugged in

because you made it through yesterday & last year & that episode when you attempted the power of nooses and sharps

because she loves you and will notice

because your food will spoil

because your plants will miss you

because there is just something about this day that needs to be seen by you