Looking Back on Writing

Thank you to Raluca Albu for prompting me to write and to BOMB for publishing the following piece:

To me, writing is always like walking up a flight of stairs with giant gaps in between. I lose my breath, my limbs start to shake, I worry I am going to fall and awaken in a chalk outline of my mistakes.

For full article and many other wonderful writers’ responses including Lidia Yuknavitch go to: BOMB


Thank you BOMB for publishing my poems!

A writer writes.

Some writers keep their words inside notebooks to simmer and steam. Other writers pass their words out like meals to be eaten. Whatever kind of writer you choose to be, the words still remain.

Here are four poems recently published online by BOMB Magazine. I am so grateful to the editors, specifically the marvelous Raluca Albu. They publish quality work, and I am humbled by having some of my poems part of their publication.

Check out my new poems HERE!!!

Photo by Gwen Dolin, 2010