I want to go to Columbia (University)

Notice the redhead. She’s bundled in thrift, some buttons exiled from jacket, hair unsteady.

She stares a lot. Notice her notice the buildings, which look presidential. They are tall and white with pillars and windows so clean you could fall out of them. The grass is the color of pea pods. There are no bald spots. Three young men play soccer on a patch designated for outdoor sports. One of them is barefoot. They all wear Columbia University sewed onto their clothes.

Notice the redhead trying to infiltrate affluent society. Notice her check her wallet for $61,549 possibly hidden inside. Notice her lift out several dollars, equalling eight. Notice her shoulders shrug.

The redhead walks into Dulany Hall. Tries to appear smarter or richer or like the kind of person who might apply and get accepted into Columbia University. A woman behind a desk stops her.

Can I help you?

Yes, do I need a student ID to sit in here or…

It’s $15 to sit here.

Her hazel eyes widen into porcelain platters. So, I would have to pay $15 and also pay for my food?

Most people just swipe their card. They have a meal plan. It’s taken out of that, speaks the woman.

Notice the redhead walk away.

She wants a coffee. It is almost 7pm, but the caffeine won’t prohibit her from sleeping later. She walks into a small cafe and wonders if the barista behind the counter goes to Columbia too. After she orders a cafe au lait, she notices an odd blue contraption called DipJar, an electronic tip jar for credit cards. Dip card in. One dollar is sucked out. Magic. She wonders if everyone here walks around with stacks of credit cards in their wallets…

Redhead walks back to Columbia, where she drinks her $2 coffee and watches young kids (belonging to Professors?) circle around on their pink-exploded bicycles. Notice the redhead conjure up ways to stay. Notice the redhead feel remorse for her own (most recent) alma mater, which she would not want to advertise anywhere near her body.

Notice the air quality here; it feels filtered. Notice how happy everyone looks here. Notice the gangs of intelligence slurred into bodies. Notice the redhead thinking of ways she can stay.