dance because it is all that is left to do

A woman risks paralysis as moan of body leans toward pavement/ Dancer catches her boarded-up bones before the crash arrives.

In an air-conditioned movie theatre, a huddle of purchased attention spans.
Black licorice unpeeled from non-recycled materials slithers into mouth.
Laps press together to make room for more ticket holders.
Woman complains of noisy rocking chair. Calls it a bed without the comfort.

A German enters wearing illumination and a cigarette. She is projected from three dimensional memory.

How to structuralize gender?

the strength of illusion and mobilized bodies/

What is the rhythm of water?

to dance with the vigor of a flood eating away an entire village/

On the other side of a movie screen, a man recruits women for sport. Chronicles their measurements and pairs them up in size/breast/genital order. The next day, he is found with his tongue removed due to improper fondling. How necessary are cages for men who behave like improper beasts. Must we dance them away with the grace of carved heels plunged into their chests. Why do some chromosomes have the rhythm of murder weapons.

Later on, a woman resembles a church bell, leaning back and forth with paper cup clutched between palms, empty as her belly. Coins have no nutritional value and (sometimes) acknowledgements are enough to last through one more day.


If she is sad (enough), carry her. Transform spine into tabletop and utilize strength of knees to travel her away from the sorrow.

Death does not need to be planned, traced with chalk and blood clots, in order to occur.

Sometimes, it is just as easy to slip one’s self into splintered chairs or window frames or dining room tables and….and….disappear.