an ode to patti smith

dear patti,

I fell in love with you when I read your words about Robert [Mapplethorpe] and I grew jealous of your photo shoots and memories. And then I read your poems. And listened to the moan of your voice, rocking out into microphones. When I moved back to New York, I searched for you. Knew that we’d collide, but wondered when. Then, one Thursday or Tuesday, you read from a book at St Marks bookshop and I went there with some poet friends. Patti, I thought this would be our moment of meeting. This would be the time our eyes would meet and you’d notice the poet in me and the rebel and even the sad and you’d grab me. Patti, you’d grab me with your skinny arms and bring me into your chest. You’d kiss me. Not like first-base-French-style, but just like from one poet to another. And you’d rub your years into my skin and we’d run away together. Patti…..this did not happen. Because when my friends and I got to the bookshop, we could barely fit in. The place was Times Square crowded. I nudged myself behind some bookshelves and for an hour, I listened to you read, with the view of just your nose, between the stacks of books. Just your nose, Patti.


Tonight, I get to celebrate you without you (because you are in France or the Netherlands or somewhere too far to make it here.) But just know that because of your magic, many poets and writers will gather to read you. And sing you.

Where? you (may) ask.

Cornelia Street Cafe at 29 Cornelia Street in the West Village/ NYC

And what time? you (may) wonder.

6pm. And though it’s $8 to enter, that does include a drink.

So, who’s reading my words? you (may) inquire.

Madeline Artenberg, Meagan Brothers, Megan DiBello, Daniel Dissinger, Gordon Gilbert, Aimee Herman, Selina Josephs, Gabriel Levicky, Lulu Lolo, Jess Martinez & Zita Zenda

Tonight’s Performance

Rimes of the Ancient Mariner Reading Series (the first Thursday of every month)
A monthly Spoken Word Open Mic venue for Performance Poets, Writers, Monologists Memoirists, Barroom Bards, and Storytellers.

presents…. “Silver Tongued Devils” produced and hosted by the magnificent poetic storyteller, Phillip Giambri aka “The Ancient Mariner”

Thursday June 6, 2013

Basement Lounge @ Identity Bar & Lounge

511 E. 6th St. (Between Avenues A & B)

7:00pm – Open Mic signup
15  Open Mic slots plus 4 featured performers.
Curtain up at 7:30pm
21 and over only
$7 Admission
Please arrive early so we can start promptly at 7:30pm

Aimee Herman

Aimee Herman is deeply enamored with peanut butter, curly-haired humans and coffee. Read her poems in THRUSH journal, Lavender Review and Caketrain journal or in her full length book, to go without blinking. Find her wrapped in caution tape in Brooklyn or at

Gordon A. Gilbert, Jr

 Gordon A. Gilbert, Jr. , a NYC West Village resident since the mid ’70’s, only discovered the spoken word scene 5 years ago. Since then, there has been an outpouring of poetry, short stories, monologues and a play. He currently hosts monthly beat generation writer celebrations at the Yippie Museum Cafe; and since November 2011, has been staging performances of a dramatic production he has written, Monologues from the Old Folks Home, with a cast of 17. Often he can be found attending literary events at the Cornelia Street Cafe. His email address is:

Kofi Forson

Kofi Fosu Forson was born in Accra, Ghana. He migrated to New York in the late 1970’s with his family. He has written and directed theatrical plays for The Riant Theater. His play Alligator Pass was nominated for the Arnold Weissberger Award. At the Eickholt Gallery he published articles in Trump Magazine and New York Arts Magazine. He joined in partnership with Liverpool’s cultural initiative Transvoyeur. He served as principal director of Transvoyeur, New York. Participated in the project Gender, Space, Art and Architecture as writer and artist. Kofi had his first one man show in Liverpool of his prints, theatrical monologues and premiere of his video/film Cushion Pill. He has recently published twice with Three Rooms Press’ NYC 1 and 2.

Qurrat Ann Kadwani

Qurrat Ann Kadwani is an actress, producer and philanthropist. She has most recently won the Best Actress and Best Play Awards for her solo play, “They Call Me Q!”. The next NYC performance is on June 14th. She has traveled to Maui and Orlando with the show and will soon go to Montreal and Washington D.C. She is also performing at colleges across the country and has done Benefit Performances for charity organizations. She is the founding Artistic Director of eyeBLINK and the head of the Theatre department. She is a theater graduate of SUNY Geneseo and is a double scholarship recipient for her directing and acting contributions. She coordinates a charity project, “A Slice of Hope” to spread joy at homeless shelters across the country. She was the host of Namaste America, a nationally syndicated show on cable and has appeared on TV shows. She has performed in theatre in NYC and regionally and she has also emceed events for several charity organizations. She has appeared in print campaigns, industrials, and commercials.,