to be a writer/to write

What it is to be a Writer:

hashtag your emotions
photograph your best side
tweet edited version of your day in less than 180 letters
post where you’ll be in ten minutes (even if you never make it there)
photograph your face as though you have forgotten what it looks like
tell at least ten people to LIKE you on computer screen
go where you can be seen

What it is to Write:

say no to things in order to ink your thoughts down
unzip, bleed, stain every desk and floorboard with the pulled-apart bones of your language
eat to nourish brain and give self an opportunity to break (though without photographic documentation)
cry: give away salt to every sentence and/or stanza
feel enlightened and melancholy simultaneously
lose your fingerprints from all the splinters born off pages you turn because one must read in order to write
go on a hike, rather than online in order to inhale the earth that inspires these words
be alone A LOT, but in doing so you learn WHO you are and WHY you must live as this