a collision of poets on a stage in the west village

An evening of NYC small presses featuring In Stereo Press published poets: Megan DiBello, Sam Jablon, Daniel Dissinger (founder, editor, poet) and Aimee Herman.

There are times we meet someone who has so much to say, they run out of ink and paper. When I first met Daniel Dissinger, I had a feeling I should probably run out and buy more pens because I just knew his poetics would inspire more out of me and it has.

If you are unfamiliar with his magical vision, In Stereo Press, go there now. Read/listen/submit.

If you are looking to run out of ink as well, attend a Poetry Teachers NYC writing workshop (affordable and open to all) or one of the many performances we curate. Our next one is in Brooklyn at the The Way Station. It will be a collaboration with the wonderful NYC press, great weather for mediaFeatured readers will include: Dan Dissinger, Megan DiBello, Fiona Bloom, Todd Anderson, John Snyder, and Thomas Henry.