in celebration of breasts and surviving

When I was fifteen, I was still writing letters to my breasts, asking if they got misdirected. Sent to the wrong address? Used incorrect postage? (There was no FOREVER stamp at the time).

I thought I wanted them. All my female-bodied friends had them. Many in size extra large and abundant. At that age, we want what is around us. What other people have. Or…..we think we do.

And then I got them, but in size small and some people touched them and then I did not want them anymore and then and then. The End.

I think a lot about breasts because I think a lot about bodies. Therefore, I think a lot about knees and collarbones and earlobes and hypothalamuses.

When I was asked to read something for a Breast Cancer fundraiser, I immediately said yes and then I realized why I was asked: because someone I really care about has had it: my mom.

So, I’ve been thinking not just about breasts, but my mom’s breasts. And it’s hard sometimes to find time to grade papers and write poems when you’ve got four breasts on your mind, but more than that because….as I said, I think about bodies quite a lot and I live with another set of breasts and I walk out the door and breasts and and and. The End.


Research is being done to learn more. To catch it before it climbs further into body. More and more people are surviving. But more and more people are getting diagnosed.

Please support a night of honoring those who have survived breast cancer, those who did not make it, and those whose loved ones are still fighting.

Come to The Parkside Lounge on October 4th at 7pm 

317 E. Houston St.  NYC

Tickets are $10, but if you can give more, please give. 100% of the proceeds go to The Pink Daisy ProjectEven if you cannot attend, you can STILL support by buying advance tickets online or donating directly to The Pink Daisy Project.

More details:

The Inspired Word Presents its 5th Annual PinkSpeak: Breast Cancer Journeys in Poetry, Music & Prose – a breast cancer fundraiser in Manhattan, New York City.
Dedicated to the memory of poet/author Pamilla DeLeon-Lewis, a beautiful, inspiring lady who performed at our first PinkSpeak and passed away on January 6, 2012, and Dorothy Geffner, mother of Inspired Word founder/producer Mike Geffner.


Featured Artists:

Singer/Songwriter Khadijah Carter

Poet/Storyteller Phillip Giambri aka The Ancient Mariner

Poet Keisha-Gaye Anderson

Singer/Songwriter Samantha Leon

Poet Aimee Herman

Author Sofia Quintero

Poet Cindy Peralta aka Black Angel

Writer Bob Lemoullec

Singer/Songwriter Natatia Allison –

Singer/Songwriter Matt Jacob –

Spoken Word Poet Lana Rose –

Writer Regina Woiler –


It happens sometimes. Our eyes gather up steam from the humans we house our bodies beside. There are the ghosts of those who claimed us first and led us to learn what we like and need. All of the movements on our skin are evidence of these loves and all the books read and songs sung and diagnoses and dreams.

Seven years ago, I took notice of my cervix on a small television screen in a clinic in Boulder, Colorado. It took many years before I could find the instrumentation of that trauma.

Seventeen years of falling in love. Each time different. Each human a different shape, gender, gathering of cells and stories. Each time louder and sturdier and what happens when you leave behind one for another.

On the day before Valentine’s Day on a snowy Thursday, I gathered up my ukelele and held my neck up by double-windsor tie. Took a deep breath and poem’d on the logistics of letting go and the memory of pixelated loves. At The Inspired Word Stuck on Cupid: St. Valentine’s Poetry/Music Show.