How to be Uncomfortable

If you want to be uncomfortable, try on a brassiere at a store where the lighting in the dressing room reminds you every mistake you ever made.

Sew every inch of muscle and taste bud you castrated off your tongue because (at the time, you thought) biting it was better than making someone else uncomfortable or mad. Sometimes it is necessary to lose all your friends in order to stand up for the most important person in your life: you.

Break up with your therapist because you are finally learning how to take care of   Because you want to. Because it is not working out. Because unfortunately your bank account is on a juice cleanse and even $10 a week feels like  Because you are learning how to comfort your soul through meditation and contemplation and sometimes you just need to take a break from psychotherapy.

Share your art with strangers.

Share a meal with strangers.

Tell the truth. Recognize how often you don’t.

Travel to a land you used to know and relearn it as the person you are now.