write outside of the magic on your tongue.

It doesn’t happen right away.

It is defined as: articulation of language / understanding of the magic found within the poetics of body. 

You must read books. You must walk outside the magnetic glow of computer screen and sewn-to-palm fancy phone in order to understand the coordinates of your magic. No one is just given the recipe on how to make all this work. Walk. Ride bicycle until your knees collapse against the rust of your peddling. Sing out until your voice cracks open. Do enough mathematical word problems to understand that that is a language as well and numbers can just be exploratory as letters.

it’s ok to call yourself a symbol; Prince did it.

“You’re more than just neither, honey. There’s other ways to be than either-or. It’s not so simple. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people who don’t fit.” 
― Leslie FeinbergStone Butch Blues

We have all these signs for things: STOP. YIELD. DEER CROSSING. SCHOOL ZONE.

Sometimes we can find shapes and words that make sense for our selves and sometimes we must create our own symbols to speak out. There may not be a designation of sound for these lines. How to pronounce a slash or a question mark or a semi-colon. What matters most is the freedom to take on these formations. One does not have to choose what has been assigned. There is power in pausing, questioning and deciding for oneself what fits.


how many languages exist in your gender.

“Gender is the poetry each of us makes out of the language we are taught.” 
― Leslie FeinbergTrans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue

With each year I find myself alive, I collect more words to explain myself. My vocabulary grows; within each new sound, a poem forms. And like all good poems, with each draft, it gets better and better. Do not ignore the cross-outs– the scars that scare you– they are all part of what started all this understanding. Our bodies are a rough draft leading toward more drafts and more ways in which to show what we are telling. We are teachers too. Welcome in the questions of others. This creates a bridge of understanding.