how far apart can we stretch these love letters

“the number one cause of death is………life” –J.L.

You have remained in my body for so long that without you, I am grey.
I am elephant.
I am suffocate.
I am drown.
I am dumpster.
I am mudslide.

How far along are the sobs?
My water broke and there is a flood of tissues beyond my toes that curl into helium balloons, expired of air.

Oh, splinter.
Oh, poorly calculated postage returned to writer.
Oh, distance.
Oh, distance.
Oh, journey.
Oh, organs of yearn.

Paint saliva on lips and revel at the glow of cells on mouth.

I am not going to ask for permission to kiss you, to cling to your sternum, to detonate your hips with my nipples.
I will grab onto your longest hairs, the dark ones, the dyed ones.
I will pull you into next year. Into yesterday.
Into the ice cream shop where trivia board allowed for free choice of cone or cup.
I will steal your family tree and press my name into the roots so I can grow there. Naturally.
I will knock my teeth into the gender between your legs. Let me in let me in let me in.