lust. (noun). [in sing] {in flesh}

masculinity is aromatic and may be derived from flattening or freshly-shaved haircut. it is sexy in the way that it touches and the way that it questions and the way that it challenges who can house it.

the rain outside is masculine. this coffee clinging to my sleepy insides is masculine. this stubborn fat on my belly is masculine. this lust is masculine. these fingertips this supper this stoop which is large enough for downward dog on is masculine. these breasts are masculine. this poem this book this critical thesis is masculine. she is masculine.

masculinity is rigid like teeth like concrete like complicated sentence structures like semi-colons. that umbrella is masculine. this museum is masculine. this song this ukulele this lipstick is masculine. this blood this menstruation this drip of turn-on is masculine. the sun staining shoulder blades is masculine. injuries are masculine and so are scars and so are tears. fear is masculine and so are questions and so is trauma and triggers and lace.

masculinity is multi-genre’d and gender’d. masculinity is sleep-deprived and well-traveled and an immigrant and a soldier. masculinity is hypo-allergetic and gritty and soft and can be used as a solvent. pens are masculine. pink feather boas and mothers and dresses are masculine. tulips and ferries are masculine. your kiss is masculine. this love is masculine. that music and magazine subscription is masculine and so is and so is and so is all this.