oh canada

Here is to to the entanglement of your united

Welcome in your new…..the ones who fled from the restrictions in order to gather up sturdier freedoms

Light up your sky with songs of electricity

Feed the ones who have gotten lost on the days that came before this

Gather up each other’s language / call out your mother tongue and slip it into the narrative of the aboriginals here before you

Bellow French, Kaska, Ojibwe, Comox, Cree, Arabic, Abnaki, German, Punjabi, Sekani, Haida, Mohawk, Tagalog, Tamil, Mandarin, English


Tell me of your province, in particular your territories. Drip your inlets, fjords, reservoirs and aquifers. I want to swim in your British Columbia and kiss the salt that hops aboard your ferries

Happy Birthday, Canada / Make a wish