A Celebration of Words! “Everything Grows”

It has been quite a journey, but I am deeply excited to let go of the words I’ve been collecting inside me for ten plus years! Celebrate the release of my novel, “Everything Grows” on Friday, May 10th, at Bluestockings Bookstore in NYC at 7pm.

Bluestockings Bookstore is located at 172 Allen St. in NYC

The evening will include a live mini-musical featuring excerpts from the novel and original songs performed by Hydrogen Junkbox (featuring Aimee Herman, Eric Alter, and David Lawton). Copies of EVERYTHING GROWS will be available for purchase and signing at the event.

EVERYTHING GROWS is an LGBTQ+ Young Adult (age 16 and older) coming-of-age novel in which a teenage girl grapples with the suicide of a classmate and her mother’s depression, while discovering her own gender and sexual identity.

The novel has received extensive pre-publication praise, with BN Teen Blog citing it as one of 12 most anticipated historical YA fiction of 2019, and Autostraddle (the world’s most popular lesbian website) named it one of the “LGBT YA Books to Get Excited for in 2019.” Foreword Reviews raves that EVERYTHING GROWS “will win over the hearts of its young adult audiences,” while Booklist praises it as “sensitive and informative.”

Everything Grows

When I was younger, and someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered with:


hair stylist

pastry chef




There was a time I didn’t know how many words I had in me. (I still don’t)

There was a time I thought, tomorrow may never get to know me.

There was a time I thought, is this the last poem I will write?

For ten years, I worked on a story that turned into something longer and will soon be all folded and ISBN’d and (hopefully) on bookshelves. I’ve been reading novels for much of my life; I never thought I’d be able to say I wrote one!

Everything Grows is an epistolary story told all in letters written from the point of view of a teenager called Eleanor writing to her bully who has just committed suicide. But it’s not all darkness. In fact, there is quite a lot of light in this book. This is her coming out story (in more ways than one). Taking place in 1993 in New Jersey, Eleanor find friendship and love in interesting places, and starts to locate more places on the map of who she yearns to be.

I am so proud of these words and thankful to Three Rooms Press for publishing Everything Grows in April 2019. So……make some room on your bookshelf!!!

This is What a Feminist Looks Like

Let me start by saying that I always wanted to play the drums. But memory tells me that my mom/dad/both said: too loud, choose again. So I/they/none chose the clarinet. Upon reflection, it is a gorgeous instrument, which deserves far more respect than I gave it. But I wanted to play the drums and bash my palms against the rhythm. Gave up clarinet and found myself playing the only instrument I found myself actually good at………the radio.

Made a bunch of mixed tapes, figured out I could record I Love Lucy, A Different World, The Jeffersons and One Day at a Time on my tiny, black-and-white television onto a tape.

Cut to two decades later and I am playing an instrument again. Hello, ukelele.

Oh, one more thing. I’ve always wanted to be in a band. Like Green Day. Like Thompson Twins. Like ’til tuesday.

Then, David Lawton. And he said, hey, wanna? and here we are. And so is Zita Zenda. And of course, Starchilde.

We call ourselves……HYDROGEN JUNKBOX

Thank you to Kat Georges, of the marvelous three rooms press for taking this video.


Upcoming Performances

I’m excited to read some new work…….hope you can make it!

Tuesday, November 21st, I will be reading poems at BIG WORDS, ETC reading series at 61 Local located at 61 Bergen St in Brooklyn. The event is from 6-8pm. Celebrate some wonderful writers exploring the theme of 5 more minutes! 

Friday, December 1st,  I get to celebrate Three Rooms Press’s Prose! Poetry! Party! at Cornelia Street Cafe located at 29 Cornelia St. in NYC from 6-8pm. This event is $10, but it includes a drink. What a great line-up of writers including Meagan Brothers, David Lawton, Jane LeCroy, Karen Hildebrand, Jane Ormerod, Robert Gibbons, and more! Hosted by the marvelous Peter Carlaftes and Kat Georges.

Coming Up: A Dada Performance

Three Rooms Press presents The Tenth Annual NYC DADA Poetry and Performance Salon
featuring Maintenant 11: A Journal of Contemporary DADA Writing and Art

Le Poisson Rouge
Monday, June 5th, 7-9:30pm
158 Bleeker St/ NYC

With performances and readings by:

Aimee Herman, Jane LeCroy, George Wallace, Jane Ormerod, Joel Allegretti, Puma Perl, Heide Hatry and so many more!!!!

An Evening of Independent Presses, Writers, & Performances

I am extremely excited to join InStereo Press as we take the stage for That’s Independents! an evening of NYC independent presses and the writers they’ve published curated by Three Rooms Press.

Where? Cornelia Street Cafe  29 Cornelia St. NYC

July 5th/ 6pm/ $8 (includes a drink)

Featuring: Dan Dissinger, Megan Dibello, Sam Jablon, Aimee Herman, Frank Simone, Hala Alyan and many others!


The Presses:

The UNBEARABLES are a free-floating, in-your-face Autonomous Zone of Dadaists, Noir Humorists and Beer Mystics. They base their actions of the book, TAZ, by Hakim Bey; they liberated the Brooklyn Bridge every September 13th for many years, picketed the New Yorker magazine, decrying the shitty poetry therein, and occupied the New School where they gave a series of anti-seminars.

In Stereo Press, founded March 2008, in Boulder, Colorado, In Stereo Press is an online zine specializing in undiscovered/new/contemporary writing, music, and visual art.

KICKS BOOKS is an independent publisher based in Brooklyn NY, whose “hip pocket paperback” line reflects the pulp obsessions of founder, Miriam Linna. A longtime collector of printed matter, and paperback books in particular, Linna fulfilled a promise to a friend by publishing his rehab writings in book form. SWEETS by rhythm & blues music legend Andre Williams, appeared in 2009 and has been followed by singular offerings by writers Harlan Ellison, Nick Tosches, Sun Ra and Kim Fowley.

great Weather For Media, founded in January 2012 by former Uphook Press editors Jane Ormerod, Thomas Fucaloro, and Brant Lyon—and later joined by George Wallace and Russ Green—great weather for MEDIA focuses on the unpredictable, the bright, the dark, and the innovative.

Three Rooms Press, founded in 1993, initially served as a leading independent publisher of poetry, drama and art sourced from the burgeoning spoken word, music and underground art scenes in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Since 2012, it has expanded its mission to publish cutting edge work in fiction, creative historical nonfiction, memoir, photography and art. In 2014, it will expand its line to include children’s books.